Monday, 18 September 2017

Stitching Stones Under Clear September Skies

An indigo vat has been sitting in the garden
beneath pale indigo skies

....I'm not a lover of blue

Leftover from a navy blue uniform
and unhappy school days!
My, oh,  my,
that was well over fifty years ago!

So it really was time to give blue a try again!

My favourite dipping is mostly white
with thin blue streaks.
It could well end up being used.

Have to say I do like the pale indigo skies
of Summer.

The darker blues
will be harder for me to use
but rusty markings might help!

Monday, 11 September 2017

Shaped Through the Ages

A sone that fits neatly in my hand
a speckled lozenge

A tiny smooth apostrophe
Love the colour of this one
but I must have marked it with stitch at night
because only now I have noticed the brown speckles.
I had stitched in my outline of brown dots just to add a bit of interest.
I find the lighting changes in every room of the house
and the marks or shapes I see change in every type of light.

 A beautifully simple nearly perfect circle.

A slice of pie
Pumpkin pie perhaps

As I stitched my marks I realized
this shape was house shaped
Though I see the actual stone has a flatter roof
How the heck did I trace around that one?!
Must have changed the angle of the pencil
as I drew around it
or perhaps moved the stone in the process.
It is often hard to keep the stone still
because many are lumpy bumpy!

A melting snowball shape.
Funny what comes to mind.

My heart goes out to those in the Caribbean and Florida
who have been devastated by Hurricane Irma.
What a monster of a storm.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

When Things Slow Down

Things slow down and priorities change
when Brett and Amber come to town.
We enjoyed hiking my favourite trail along the Fundy Shore
but when the young ones intended hiking the really long trails
us old folk (and that includes the Rusty Pups!) stayed at home.

So that is why last week's stones got delayed....
....because of a happy visit.
This stone I like
It's happy
It makes me think of when the travelling fair came to town
when the boys were young.

This one also tickles my fancy
A sprinkling of stars

Love the stone
my interpretation....not so much!
Oh, well.
Sometimes one just can't do them justice.

Purple Haze


Time worn crevices.

so often the most beautiful.

As we hiked I spied some marks
which will surely find a place in a stitching one day.

Be safe

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

A Gathering of Stones

Grey is a favourite colour of mine these days.

Sometimes as I go through my scraps
one jumps out
asking to be used.
The markings on this scrap shouted out loud that they wanted to be used
despite it being the wrong colour!

This one makes me smile
Reminds me of my mother's old fashioned loaves of bread.
Hundreds of tiny French knots made with one strand of floss.

Really weird!

A moonless night pebble.

I nearly missed noticing this is heart shaped.

Perhaps my favourite this week.

This week I have to say my thoughts are with
all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey
rather than with insignificant gathering of pebbles.

May their recovery go quickly and smoothly.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

A Sense of Place....Work by the Artist's Way Cooperative

Last Thursday we drove down to Yarmouth
and hung our second show at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Western Branch.
We called the show
A Sense of Place.
Each of us worked in our own way to that theme.

Grace Butland worked with fabrics dyed from foodstuffs in her kitchen.

For Nadine Belliveau it was scenes from her village that inspired.

Sherry Caldwell had been in France just before she
started working toward this show.

Diane Clapp found inspiration from her photos of sand cranes
and reflections in the lakes around here as well as lichens.
She also dyed three of her pieces naturally.

And this is a very yellow photo of my work
based on the rocks that form the foundation of the land around here.

We call ourselves the Artist's Way Cooperative.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Stone Pathways with only 4 1/2 Months to go

The delicate shading of this first stone is my favourite this week.

This year is flying by
only 100 more or less
stones to go until the end of the year.
I am by no means wishing away my life
but have needed to get organized and make sure
there are enough background squares to finish Stone Pathways!
So, that job is done
and now I can throw the leftovers into the dye pots!
One of the joys of Summer for me
is preparing my fabrics for Winter's stitchings.

A Plimsol line perhaps

Makes me think of circling the wagons.
Strange association, I know.

But there again perhaps I like this one too!

Crossing Pathways

Ah, but perhaps this one is my favourite!

Broken lines.

Have an inspiring week.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Marking Stone Pathways

This beautiful stone could perhaps
be mistaken for a soapstone carving

The marks on stones
are beginning to make me think
I should perhaps take them further
next year.

Perhaps I should isolate them
from their stone surroundings.....

.....remove them from their size restrictions..... around with them in sketchbooks.....

.....and explore their potential..... stand alone marks.

Meanwhile the weather this August
has been exceptional.....

.....around our beautiful Annapolis Basin.

Have a great day
go to the beach!